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Welcome to UCCSTeach!
UCCSTeach is a professional secondary teacher preparation program for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students planning to teach within various STEM programs grades 7-12. Our four-semester program aims to transform secondary school teacher certification from the ground up with a balanced practical and theoretical approach to teacher preparation. Starting as early as your first semester, you will gain hands-on experience within the classroom under the guidance of Master Teachers and faculty. 


Various different UCCS students who have been in the UCCSTeach program pose together for a picture.

Our students have success with employment upon graduation.
UCCSTeach is one of only two accredited UTeach-based programs in Colorado. This license not only meets all of the requirements set in place by the Colorado Department of Education, but it also lets you advance as a teacher in other states. UCCSTeach was made for an in-demand career field, and continues to see more students graduate from the program each year!

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Undergraduate Information

The UCCSTeach undergraduate program is designed for STEM students who wish to become certified for secondary education within a STEM field.


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Post Baccalaureate information

The UCCSTeach Post-Baccalaureate Program continues the philosophy of a heavy emphasis on early and consistent field experience in public school classrooms in conjunction with a focus on students' content area expertise.